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Vinyl Deck Build & Refurbishment

We were contacted by a client who needed help in restoring their deck. The existing deck was rotten, falling apart and in need of a serious repair.

The project started by removing all of the old damaged wood, and replacing with new pressure treated lumber for a solid base.

Note how we use metal fasteners and hangers on every single wood joint rather than simply "toe-nailing" the structure together like many less careful builders do.

The slope of the deck was also adjusted to allow for water to run off freely.

New stairs were built at legal length and height. Note that we used 3 stringers to hold the treads in place to ensure a high quality and solid result. We also use a piece of rubber at the bottom of every piece of wood that touches the concrete to prevent water rising up the wood and causing premature rot.

New plywood was added to the surface, along with some attractive high quality 68ml vinyl to make the deck waterproof. Our railing fabricator also produced some amazing glass railings which fit perfectly on to the deck. Note the custom made brackets to fit the railings on to the stairs for an amazing completed project!

All of our work comes with a 5 year workmanship warranty, we go the extra steps to ensure your project is built to last.

Completed project
Custom fit railings
New stairs
Custom fit railing brackets
Glass railings
Glass railings
Vinyl drip edge
Deck stairs
Metal fasteners on all joints
Custom railing brackets
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